Friday, February 25, 2011

The Ugliest Man Alive (and ephemera...)

As the historic, though troublesome table-turning of the Arab world continues, there is one thing we must be very, very thankful for - the potential of never having to gaze upon this brutal, craggy Grecian mask of a mug ever again:

 I say "troublesome" - because what has Iraq taught us?  The U.S. is invested in the economic incentives of the "two-face."  We're gonna fuck over poor Kadafi and his dripping features - stealing his oil, as we feed the past through a paper shredder.  Will that landscape burn black or is there the potential of Obama's long-forgotten "hope"????

 And on a similar note - Fox News' doomsday stoking schoolteacher, Glenn Beck, was given a dramatic boost thanks to Godspeed You! Black Emperor (whose sell-out reunion tour passed through L.A. this past week) in this serendiptiously eerie YouTube mash-up:

 Even without Godspeed, it is obvious that the right (from conservative to crazy), and their media cohorts, have created the greatest political theater of the past decade.  Using paranoid drama, Kabuki performance, image re-making, hyper graphics, and an elaborate toolbox of theatrical tricks, they've seduce the greatest chunk of the American populace into a kind shock and awe stupor.  
I used to let the flashing red, white, and blue televisual noise of Fox News take me off into the night.  It induced a maniacal dreamscape that could soon - very soon - become a reality.  Shakespeare would be proud.

photo by P. Kennelly

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