Saturday, March 19, 2011


photo by P. Kennelly
- "Barely 15 percent of Wikipedia contributors are women, with the lion’s share of the articles being written, edited and updated by men in their mid-20s."

- Writer-for-Hire Gets a Book Deal to Write About Helping Students Cheat

- Is The 'CSI Effect' Influencing Courtrooms?

- Four awful music endeavors by reality stars that made more than you make in a year

- "This moment in Charlie Sheen: Final broadcasts, fermented puke, poppycock, porn offers, and more from the media tsunami" (courtesy A.V. Club)

- Ke$ha new music video with James Van Der Beek, unicorns in suits, and rainbow shooting guns; unlike Lady Gaga, there is a somewhat charming lack of pretension and unforced appeal in Ke$ha's personality/presentation (not to mention that all of the Nashville, trailer/mansion queen's electro pop bites Miss Monster hands version of the same Hard)

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