Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Highways Performance Space - history on video

I originally edited this reel when I first arrived @ Highways in the summer of 2004 as an intern.  I've updated it a bit over the intervening years, but the original structure remains the same.  This initially involved weeks of research, transferring, and editing of material.  Obviously much of Highways history exists in memory and myth, but the archives still had a wonderful stock of VHS, Hi-8 and a few mini-DVs charting performances in the space since its inception in 1989.

Wanted to spotlight this one last time, as I am currently in the midst of piecing together a completely new video (one which highlights the present and recent past) to reside in its place.  But until that is unveiled, this one continues to live on in our space and in our outreach to the world:

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