Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PATTY - "Colors" music video

from PATTY: The Revival, track released 26 April 2012

music: Jonathan Snipes
lyrics: Kristin Erickson, Patrick Kennelly, Jonathan Snipes
voices: Heather Cadarette, Blythe Evans, Elaine Hammell, Elizabeth Hayhurst, Stephanie Tucker, Justine Woodford
mix: Steve Kaplan

Produced, Directed and Edited by Patrick Kennelly
Starring (in order of appearance): Zoe Aja Moore, Biz Lyon, Elizabeth Hayhurst, Blythe Evans, Elaine Hammel, Jasmine Orpilla, Chelsey Holland, Justine Woodford, Radick Cembryznski, Maya Gingery, Stephanie Tucker, Heather Cadarette, Rachel Hirshee, Verity Branco, Amber Morse and Nikki Bohm
Cinematography by Trevor Baker
Costumes/Styling: Pilar Macchione
Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Kolhagen with Genevieve Garner
Choreography: Jmy James Kidd
Production Guru: Ed Cha
1st AD: Crystal Munson
2nd AD: Zack Moore
Rob Yoo Department: Rob Yoo
Production Assistance: Jen Bloom

Compositing: Lawrence Klein / Leonard Menchiari
Backgrounds: Patrick Kennelly / Lawrence Klein / Leonard Menchiari
Sound Design: Jonathan Snipes

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