Sunday, November 4, 2012

south sudan

recently returned from South Sudan.  working on a few projects related to this, including a personal essay-video called "10 Minutes is 2 House," related to the experience of shooting in this newly developing country for 3 weeks.

Here's a frame grab from a vid:

photo by Patrick Kennelly / Franklin Graham revival in Juba, South Sudan, October 26, 2012

And here's some copy from the initial press release that went out in the beginning of October:

Dennis Garcia of Trek for Peace has partnered with Sudan Sunrise and Highways Performance Space to bring attention to the crisis in South Sudan. He will be accompanied by a film crew led by award-winning multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Kennelly and Sudanese-American peace activist Rudwan Dawod to document the reconciliation project in Torit, the Manute Bol school project in Turalei,  and the Yida and Abyei refugee camps located in South Sudan.

Garcia first learned about Rudwan's reconciliation project through Ambassador Sharon Wilkinson and media coverage. Garcia met with Rudwan in Washington DC after his incarceration. Rudwan told Garcia about his unjust 45-day detention, arrest, and torture by Sudanese authorities in Khartoum. Rudwan, a Darfurian Muslim, believes the Sudanese government targeted him because of his humanitarian and reconciliation efforts with Sudan Sunrise to heal tensions between Christians and Muslims, and citizens of Sudan and South Sudan.  Rudwan also told Garcia about his first encounter with Manute Bol while volunteering at the Manute Bol School in Turalei, South Sudan. Rudwan was instantly inspired by Manute's commitment for reconciliation and subsequently dedicated his life to promoting reconciliation between Muslims and Christians, and Sudan and South Sudan. Rudwan detailed the special relationship he had with Manute, until his untimely passing in 2010.

"I was intrigued with the legacy entrusted to Sudan Sunrise by the late Manute Bol to continue his vision of building schools for children of all tribal, religious, and ethnic backgrounds in South Sudan and to foster peace and reconciliation in his country," said Garcia, adding, "You have to expect yourself to do what needs to be done."  Rudwan will now join Garcia with Trek for Peace to raise awareness and additional investment for both projects.

Garcia joins a growing list of Sudan Sunrise supporters including Board Chairman, John Zogby and advisory board member Ambassador Sharon Wilkinson. Sudan Sunrise supports projects that facilitate reconciliation efforts aimed at providing education, health care, and community development in South Sudan and Sudan.
Highways Performance Space, a non-profit arts organization in its 24th year of presenting, partners with Garcia on the filming. Highways Performance Space's mission is to promote interaction among people of diverse cultural backgrounds and to engage artists and the communities they serve in cross-cultural dialogues about social, cultural and artistic issues.

Patrick Kennelly shooting @ Franklin Graham revival in Juba, South Sudan

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