Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"swirling and chaotic, yet contained..."

VCR i destroyed editing the video for Clipping.

Some more great notices for the Clipping. Live video I created can be found here, here and here.

from Ad Hoc: "In the new nearly twenty-five minute long film, director Patrick Kennelly showcases clipping.'s ability to seamlessly intertwine abrasive noisemaking and Diggs' effortlessly flowing rhymes, all through a sheen of visible static and jumpy cuts. Kennelly is also successful in capturing the aesthetic of clipping.'s jarring beats. The film is reminiscent of Midcity's swirling album art: swirling and chaotic, yet contained. And like the album art, the black and white film speaks to the dual nature of the music, a simple and effective combination of noise and rhymes."

from The Organ 'zine: “While the reception to clipping.’s debut album ‘midcity' has been exceptional, most still have not gotten the chance to see the band live. How does such an extreme, yet calculated combination of rap and harsh noise exactly come across live? Well, besides a series of clipping. tours beginning this May, people can now find out via a 20 min live film just dropped by director Patrick Kennelly. It was filmed on a half dozen cameras, and edited to feel much like the dissonance of the clipping. album (including the use of literally smashing a vhs player with a hammer during playback to get distortion effects from the footage). The performance is austere, letting the sounds build in energy over the course of the performance. In the noise world they call it a slow burner. A performance that lures you in, making you think everything is safe. But before you realize it, the chaos has begun.”

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