Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All Stars

Patrick Kennelly in "The All Stars of Non-Violet Communication"
"The All Stars of Non-Violet Communication" lands in Santa Monica after 2 hit performances this past spring in Hollywood & Chinatown.

As part of 18th St. Art Center's ART NIGHT, on September 24 @ 8.00pm, Highways Performance Space will be presenting a free performance of this tragicomic work from cult writer/director Asher Hartman.

This blue vaudevillian poem in three parts unleashes the vitriol of four dead, under-appreciated gay entertainers of the 1970s. Featuring veteran performers Franc Baliton, Michael Morrissey, Joe Seely, and myself, Patrick Kennelly, with costumes by sculptor Curt LeMieux and sound accompaniment by Corey Fogel (riffing on an original score by Jasmine Orpilla), Hartman stews a compact exploration of the brutality of language, the grief from which comedy emerges, and the ways in which language empties out
into the passage from life to death. Although brief, the work is written in a dense amalgam of poetic speech, one-liners, movement, and sound with plenty of bite and aftertaste.

CLICK HERE for video from the original performance @ Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) in April of this year as part of the Thursday night performance series "So Funny It Hurts."  CLICK HERE for a posting on the 2nd performance (@ Human Resources in Chinatown) from the L.A. art blog tryharder (the picture below is from that posting).

Highways is located @ 1651 18th St., 1/2 block North of Olympic Blvd.

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