Friday, July 22, 2011


image by Patrick Kennelly

Yes, buzzy British band The Vaccines are just another over-hyped import, an uneven knock-off of The Strokes, itself a knock-off of any number of great rhythmic post-punk/edging on power pop acts.  But that doesn't neccessarily make it unpleasant - to the contrary, its innocuousness is more than a bit welcome in the ever-expanding glut.

But, more than anything, The Vaccines are an example of the rising power of the online video renaissance, where more and more experimentation and innovation has been wrapped around more and more of the same.  Their videos for the singles "Blow It Up" and "All in White" are supreme examples of how the image can both complement and often (as in this case) elevate the sonic.  These works get it just right (VHS+flares+fires+spotlights+corruption+slowmotion), while also nodding to the emerging "vintage"/"lo-fi" chic in a way that doesn't make the attached hipsterism soooooo offensive:

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