Thursday, July 14, 2011


(mashup by Patrick Kennelly)
I'm in the early stages of development for the May 2012 premiere of PATTY, a rock concert/performative installation that utilizes a cast of performers who identify as “Woman” to question what “Woman” represents in a modern culture where one’s sense of self has become split across a multitude of both physical and virtual spatial platforms, most of which are mediated by the Male gaze. 

The process of constructing this work is inspired y the post-modern punk feminist, cut-up techniques of Kathy Acker. This allows a means of investigating hyper-evolving communication patterns dictated by a 140 character, browser tabbing, micro-blogging, linking matrix.

The result, hopefully, will have less a Mashed-up than Cubist visual and aural quality paired, hopefully, to a rhythmically taught pop backbeat.

We'll see.... in the meantime, some inspirations, references, etc :

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