Wednesday, July 20, 2011


design by Patrick Kennelly

On May 20 + 21 (2011), I "pimped" out a performance party with Philip Littell in celebration of Highways Performance Space's 22nd Birthday. This crazy, untethered, occasionally erratic event was another of my experiments in "anti-art." By engaging the audience in the writing of the narrative, and allowing them to become part of the performance in construction, it had an excitement that fully realized the hyperbole of its promo description:

STAND UP AND SALUTE our Brave Boyz in Bootz, Ladies in Lonjeray, He-She's 'n' What-All! This year, in celebration of our 22nd Birthday, Highways Performance Space is going to take The Low Road, Transforming into An Erotic Hypnotic Hysteric Frenetic MIDWAY featuring Festival Stages, Private Booths, Stag Film Sets and THE PALACE OF PEEP and more! more! more!

Philip Littell & Patrick Kennelly pimp out over 30 Dirtee Artists in Continuous, Late Night Action! Nudie Cuties, Sin and Skin, Booze and Sleaze, the Highways to Hell...

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of the event & some of the videotape has "mysteriously" gone missing, but here's some surviving stills. Hopefully more to come...

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